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Quality Legal Services for Your Business

When your trust your business to Digital Law Group, we will go above and beyond to provide effective legal service that can bolster your business. We’ve had tremendous success building incredibly beneficial working relationships with our broad range of clients. To achieve this, we start by pinpointing your business goals and then we buckle down to meet those objectives.


Your advertising plan is essential to the growth of your enterprise, so we work hard to make sure your campaigns meet all relevant regulations.

Intellectual Property

Our team vigorously enforces your copyrights, trademarks and patents through online marketplaces, omni-channel retailers, wholesalers, and manufactures, domestically and internationally. Infringers, counterfeiters or domain name “squatters” proving to be an issue? Let’s discuss strategies, unique and fit to your situation, that will stop bad actors dead in their tracks.


With a unique team of attorneys and industry veterans, our in-house expertise identifies partners and negotiates agreements to exploit your business assets. Our business transactional practice is conducted with an eye toward clarity, conciseness and preventing problems from arising in the first place.


We understand the details of privacy-focused regulatory compliance and can help you meet these guidelines.

Inventor Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Corporate set-up and IP services covering consumer products, technology and all things IP. We provide technical and legal assistance at all levels in matters relating to patents, trademarks, design, licensing, copyright, domain names and unfair competition. We can help you identify licensing opportunities that meet your desired goals.

Business Formation

Forming a business requires paperwork and frameworks, even as a sole proprietor. Big or small, we know how to guide your enterprise towards a workable infrastructure.


From contracts to disputes, our legal team will help you set up an infrastructure for your employment needs.

Got Troubles?

Get into hot water with your shipping practices or product claims? On the receiving end of a subpoena from the FTC or a state attorney general? Infringe on someone else’s intellectual property? The list can go on. Our attorneys have experience negotiating settlement agreements, getting you additional time to right the wrongs, and helping you get back on track.

Commercial Transactions

Large transactions can be especially daunting, but we have abundant experience working with mergers, reorganization, sales, purchases, dissolutions and liquidations.


How We Work With You

If you want to work with a legal team capable of providing holistic and multifaceted solutions, Digital Law Group is the right firm for you. We devise specialized plans for each of our clients and here’s how:

Objectively assess your enterprise

Confidentially discuss our conclusions and potential course of action with you.

Facilitate team counseling and constructive resolutions.

Mediate any difficulties or issues that arise.

Provide a detailed report regarding business performance and our improvement suggestions

Guide you towards professional development and overall growth.

We recognize the potential in every business we work with and our team is dedicated to helping your grow into a successful and legally compliant enterprise. For more information, feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.